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About me


I’m Tatiana, French mum of two boys living in Cork.

My second son was born at home in 2015, and since this wonderfull empowering experience, my life changed completely. 

I want to help mums-to-be and their life partner experience the birth they wish for and welcome their babies in the best possible way. 

Birth is such a beautiful and magical moment, and helping women trust their bodies and instincts is very important to me. 

In march 2018 I attended the DONA international birth doula workshop and I work now towards my certification.

I'm also training as a breastfeeding counsellor with Cuidiu and will be finished in June 2018.

I try to be as much involved in my community as possible, that's why I like volunteering in the sling and cloth nappy libraries that operate in Cork every month.

My role as a Doula is to give you evidence based informations, bring you comfort and support you unconditionally without any judgement throughout pregnancy and birth, so you can make the best decisions that suits you and your birth partner. 

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